Growing up we all had a plan to grow into — a house with a yard, a great career, awesome vacations that everyone would love; the outcome was that we all would live happily ever after.  As the years went by, realizing our perfect dream became an exhausting cause which in many instances was not due to our efforts — economic conditions changed; markets collapsed; corporations merged, downsized or closed; impact of weather conditions; and etc. But what if the long lost dream expectantly became the right opportunity and you could have the complete package!

If you are employed, out of work or retired, dreams are always feasible and opportunities come around to enable people to reach their objectives and goals.

The American Dream

We offer an exciting business opportunity via a "mobile arcade gaming vehicle" under the trademark name "Games On The Go". The franchise opportunity consists of a business operation that provides incredible entertainment for birthday parties, community functions, summer camps, school and after-school functions, corporate events, and other similar types of events for ages 5 to 70 in our state of the art Mobile Arcade Vehicle.

Games On The Go Franchising LLC