We believe that work should be fun and relaxing.

Games On The Go brings premium quality family entertainment to every party we are a part of, creating wonderful memories and a tremendous guest experience.  We align ourselves with like-minded organizations that include Dan Marino’s "Walk About Autism" and  Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer. To maintain long–lasting relationships with our customers and partners, we adhere to our vision every day 

“To be recognized as the premier private mobile entertainment venue for wholesome fun.”

Five Key Factors That Will Drive Us To Our Vision:


1. Providing the ultimate guest experience through unparalleled hospitality, personalization, and innovative fun.

2. Creating an environment where children are constantly active without ever knowing that they are exercising.

3. Providing a stress-free and relaxing environment for parents.

4. Constant innovation to keep us fresh and a "must-have" for kids and parents.

5. Always listening to the needs of our customers, and creating packages and an environment that meet those needs.

Our Mission