​Drive and Determination to succeed!!

If you have the drive and determination to operate your own business, but the risk is stopping you — leave the risk-taking to us! Let our franchise blueprint be the confidence you need to change your lifestyle and achieve everything you ever dreamed of.


You may be the franchisee we are looking for!!

Do you have what it takes to put a smile on everyone's face?

Are you...

Do you...

Will you...

Do you...


Social active in the community where you would like to open your Games On The Go?


Have a passion for working with children, families, and people?

Excel in at least one of these areas — customer service, marketing, sales, or management?

Meet our minimum financial requirements of $110,000 in liquidity and $500,000 in net worth?

If you keep answering          then you have got some exploring to do!


Sense of Value

What motivates an entrepreneur to take that leap of faith?

What do business owners have that I do not?